Is 2009 Going to be Your Year?

`<b>Success or failure</b> is caused more by mental attitude than by mental capacity’ according to <b>Sir Walter Scott</b>. Climbing back up only takes one precarious step, the next is easier and each step becomes less difficult until, before you know it, you are spiralling towards a peak; way beyond peaks you have ever dreamed of or have ever reached before. It has been said that the rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold one’s foot long enough to enable you to put the other somewhat higher.

Have you noticed that once you are on a winning streak, everything goes your way? You develop the habit of reaching out and grasping, with both hands, every opportunity that presents itself. You make every post a winner and when there are no opportunities you make your own.

*Sir Francis Bacon said, `A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds’. At the same time your fitness improves, you excel at your hobbies, your circle of friends increases and naturally your self-esteem improves so much that members of the opposite sex are seeking you out.

*Your personal life can be described as exciting and fulfilling. After all, personal success is simply the fulfilment of what makes you happiest.

People never plan to be failures, they simply fail to plan to be successful. It takes courage to be successful, but once you are successful in one part of your life both courage and success overflow into all areas. We all know how to set goals; do lists of all the things we wish to achieve or improve in our lives. Knowing how to go about them is really quite unimportant unless we develop a strong sense of resolve and the courage to take that first step.

The old proverb, `Great things are done more through courage than through wisdom.’ is true. Many successful people admit they had no idea how to achieve their goals when they first set targets. The how and wherefore are learned along the way. All will tell you that courage and resolve are what leads you up the ladder of success.

Courage cannot be borrowed or bought. Every human being has courage within them. It is an intangible quality that we have been blessed with. It must be recognised within, nurtured and developed until it works for us automatically. Courage is developed by practising it in small ways, so that when major courageous acts are required of us we perform them without a minute’s hesitation.

<b>Whatever your goals are</b>, once you are on track, many other exciting unplanned opportunities will unfold for you. The world can be your oyster, if only you will take the first step.

<font color=”green”><b>You are capable of making 2009 your year.</b></font> Remember some people get the breaks; others make their own. Happy New Year!


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