Working of Solar cell

Solar cell, semiconductor semiconductor, solid material whose electrical conductivity at room temperature is between that of a conductor and that of an insulator (


When sunlight strikes a solar cell, an electron is freed by the photoelectric effect. The two dissimilar semiconductors possess a natural difference in electric potential (voltage), which causes the electrons to flow through the external circuit, supplying power to the load. The flow of electricity results from the characteristics of the semiconductors and is powered entirely by light striking the cell.
devised to convert light to electric current. It is a specially constructed diode diode (dī`ōd), two-terminal electronic device that permits current flow predominantly in only one direction.
,usually made of silicon crystal. When light strikes the exposed active surface, it knocks electrons loose from their sites in the crystal. Some of the electrons have sufficient energy to cross the diode junction and, having done so, cannot return to positions on the other side of the junction without passing through an external circuit. Since the current obtained from these devices is small and the voltage is low, they must be connected in large series-parallel arrays (solar panels) if useful amounts of energy are to be converted. Practical devices of this kind are about 10% to 15% efficient and for many years were most commonly used to provide electric power for spacecraft. For large-scale power conversion solar cells offer a number of practical problems; one of the most serious of these is the wide variation of output voltage and current accompanying changes in the amount of incident light; this can be compensated for on smaller scales by storing energy produced during peak periods in batteries. Reductions in the cost of producing solar panels have made them a viable alternative to electrical generators for homes and villages in remote areas.

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  1. I searched thro’ lot of sites to know the working principles of solar panels but I was tired of getting answers which is not enough to my knowledge level (which is very poor). Now I am fully convinced with your answer. Thank you. I must quote “There is no difficult concepts in science but Lack of persons to make it clear” You are the one keep making science easy

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