How to sign up for an e-mail id

As everthing is changing to the internet handed resource,everyone need an email-id to communicate with their friends or to apply for a job online,its going on….

useful of having an email-id on our hand is worth of having a news watching a news channel,discovery,movies,mp3’s…as everything can be get by using email id itself….

Most of you dont know how to get an email id.Ya here i am for you to guide step by step of how to get andwhere to get it for freeLet’s see..

1.First know the site,which give you email for free…and other features such as giving storage in gb(most site gave you unlimited for free)
here is some website,in which you can get for top wise order.


Is this enough for you , i suggest you to choose gmail as it offers free access of various other features like BLOGGING,ORKUT friend connect,google pages,etc….

in any above mentioned website,please Click sign up! option ,to go to the registration page,where you hgave to give your

–>first name
–>last name
–>username (your username is the name of your email id)
–>password (dont give your password to anybody)
–>select security question..
–> give your own answer to the above selected question
–>enter the character that appears (see it carefully)

thatas it !!!!! you have learned ,how to get email id…

if you have any doubts,please feel free to write it on comment form below!!


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